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Aqua Wilson Farms operates a 160 acres aquaculture farm. After approximately three decades operating a fish farm, the owner decided to maintain a portion of his farm in its conventional operation while converting a portion to parceled industrial land for sale. The owner had the vision in his mind but needed to document his vision in a way that other stakeholders could clearly understand. DB0 Process Mapping worked with Aqua Wilson to document stepwise process required for converting a portion of the existing farm, securing permits and action items required to successfully achieve the vision.

By working with AquaWilson to document steps required for decomissioning section of his aquaculture farm, permit aquisition for repurposing land use and input of Engineering infrastructure in preparation for land sale he was able to clearly communicate his vision. Clear documentation was critical to keep all stakeholders aligned, serve as documentation for securing loan to input needed infrastructure to convert land for industrial use and ensured that all parties involved in the complex project knew exactly the stage they were in the process at all times. 

Case Study

The Problem

  • Lack of visibility of the full process and all required steps restricted effective communication of this complex project to all stakeholders. 

  • Project complexity hampered the timely execution of all elements of the project without the aid of a clearly documented process flow diagram. It was critical that the transition occured while having minimal impact on the running of the farm.

Our Solutions

DB0 Process Mapping worked with Aqua Wilson's Farm documenting stepwise all elements of the decommissioning of the portion of the farm being divested and its transformation to industrial land parcels. The process map also documented roles and responsibility of different stakeholders within the company. The final process flow documentation clearly defined handoff points for each party, provided clear outline of the impact of each persons role and this clarity is currently playing a critical role in this ongoing project at the Aqua Wilson Farm.

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