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Foremost Geomatics & Construction Ltd. is a land surveying and construction company. We (DB0 Process Mapping) worked with them to document different processes both for internal and external use. The resulting process flow maps were critical elements in the company's growth and expansion.

We worked with Foremost Geomatics & Construction Ltd. to document their client intake and interaction process. We interviewed staff, asked probing questions and documented their existing processes. We then created process maps that simplified their processes and sub processes. This resulted in streamlined consistent processes for training their staff and interacting with clients. They were then able to analyze their processes for inefficiencies and reduced administrative and redundant work for staff. Their documented processes also provided the framework for rapid business expansion while maintaining consistency and high service levels to their clients.

Case Study

The Problem

  • Needed consistent guide to training new staff

  • Empower employee, ensure they understand how their roles interact with others

  • Customers needed clear understanding of the surveying process and expectations 

  • Expanding the business requeired better streamlining and documented processes

Our Solutions

Process map showing process and sub-processes for each documented process

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