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Our Story

Wall of ideas showing use of post-it notes to document steps in a process
Coworkers brainstorming and documenting steps in a process

DB0 Process Mapping was founded on the principle that businesses can operate more effective and efficient when they have well documented, easy to understand processes and procedures in place. At DB0 Process Mapping, we understand that your business processes can be complex and difficult to follow. Let us help simplify and streamline your processes with our process mapping documentation services. We interview our clients via recorded sessions to gather information and then convert that information into clear, easy-to-follow process flow maps.

In any organization, small or large, there are many scenarios where partnering with DB0 Process Mapping can benefit your business, here are a few examples:

  • Are you a business owner, a subject matter expert or guru in a given focus area and find you are pulled in many deferent directions daily to keep the business going? Consider documenting some of your know-how as documented processes that others can use as a reference source. This could significantly free up your time.

  • Do you have high staff turnover and find that each time you train new staff it's like reinventing the wheel? Document critical processes so you can use them as guide, reference material, and also maintain consistency in training new staff.

  • Do you have employees performing their specific functions in the organization but they don't have a global picture of how the work they do affects other stakeholders and different departments? Clearly documented cross functional process maps can bring about clarity, better understanding of roles and responsibilities and improve moral within your organization. 

  • If you have inefficiencies in your operations, want to analyze your entire process to find bottleneck, redundancies, inefficiencies then documenting Current processes, modifying and mapping out Future State can address those needs.

  • If you are planning to scale your business, need consistency and clarity as you scale your business then clearly defined documented processes can be a critical element in your business expansion. 

  • If you have process ideas you would like to capture and communicate to other stakeholders with clarity, then documented process maps can help.  


At DB0 Process Mapping our mission is to enable our customers to achieve improved business clarity and analysis through documented processes. We offer customized solution for each client. We minimize the time you spend explaining your processes and eliminate repetition by recording each interview session and then utilize recorded sessions to translate your processes into documented process maps offline.  The end result is a clear, professional documented process map of your process. 

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